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Gameplay issue
Banishment spell - Journal entry
ID: 1201Status: FixedVersion: N/AReport Date: June 18, 2017Product: Scattered Evil
ReporterDaniel Andrade

This is fixed in Beta 11 with the new system that has a different journal entry during the time when you finished the requisite quest but haven’t visited the trainer yet.

After completing Lucas’ quest, the journal entry for the Banishment spell is added, without visiting Instructor Daniel. The spell itself is not available.

2 thoughts on “Banishment spell – Journal entry”

  1. The game tracks the state of each quest with a variable. Once the quest reaches the final stage (turned in), the journal entry for the corresponding auxiliary spell becomes active. Doing this differently would require adding new variables to track whether the player learned an available auxiliary spell and a new function for the conversation script to allow this variable to update.

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