Korax Arena (development) source code release

I’ve just finished uploading the korax arena (development) source code, this is an updated version of the source code similar to that of Korax RPG, which has been customized to update both the source code and resources to the latest version available on the SVN repository, which will allow anyone to play with the latest version of the development.

You can download it from our SF.net page, here’s the link to it: https://sourceforge.net/projects/korax/files/Korax%20Arena/Korax%20Arena%20%28Dev%29/

I’ve added the instructions to the ZIP file, but you can also read them directly from the download location, let me know if anyone has any problems building it, I’ve thoroughly tested it before uploading, but there could be problems, enjoy!

Korax Mod 4 Beta 2

We have just uploaded a new beta of KMOD 4, you can find it here: https://sourceforge.net/projects/korax/files/Korax-Mod/4.0%20Beta/

This new beta contains some bug fixes for drawing the status bar where yellow lines could appear at the edges, it has been updated to contain the latest gameplay bug fixes from Vavoom engine, it also adds status markers for spell effects for both players and monsters and it has some new AI methods and functions for monsters.

You can post any bugs and issues you have with it on our forums so that they are fixed for the next beta release, enjoy!

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KRPG Source code distribution pack released!

Yes, as you read it! You can get the file from here: https://sourceforge.net/projects/korax/files/ (koraxrpg_src.zip).

Once you have downloaded the file, you can Unzip inside a folder in your HD. Then follow the instructions here (they will be added to the Wiki during the week).

To be able to efficiently use our source code distribution you will also need to get the latest Vavoom engine SVN revision binaries from DRD Team here: http://svn.drdteam.org/vavoom/ download the LATEST revision from there and unzip it inside the ‘bin’ folder of the source code distribution pack.

Now download and install the TortoiseSVN client from here: http://tortoisesvn.net/downloads

When you finish installing TortoiseSVN, please restart your computer, once you are done, you will need to download mos of the resource files from our SVN repository using TortoiseSVN (so if you didn’t installed it in the past step, do it now, and follow the instructions next time… :P), to do this you will have to left click on the ‘koraxrpg’ folder inside the ‘code’ folder and from the contextual menu choose the “SVN Update” option, this will display a window where you will see all the missing files being downloaded, once that’s finished, go inside the ‘progs’ directory and run the ‘compile.bat’ file, it might take a while to build everything, but once that finishes, you will find everything correctly compiled inside the ‘bin’ folder of the distribution.

I would ask fellow devs and users to test this package on your computers, I made sure that nothing could go wrong, but there’s always a chance :P, if you have any problems with it, please let me know by posting here, I’ll try to help you make your compilations ;), Enjoy! 8)

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KRPG Source code distribution pack progress update

Hi! As you might know, we are in the process of building a special source distribution so that everyone can build the latest revision of the KRPG project by just clicking on a single batch file, this weekend I made interesting progress on this, I can now build the Vavoom common progs distribution, this gives us progress, because this way everyone can compile the common progs distribution, which is a prerequisite for building our own progs source code, tomorrow I’ll continue my work, by allowing us to build the Hexen progs source distribution automatically, thus completing the second prerequisite for building our own source code, once this is working fine, the last step is to test it with many different directory configurations, if this test works fine, then we will upload this file along with instructions on how to use it to SF.net and the wki respectively :).

I hope this doesn’t takes too long to complete, maybe by Wednesday or Thursday I’ll have it complete :).

Distributing the source for KRPG

I’ll begin packing a ZIP file with all the stuff needed to compile KRPG on your own, this pack will come with the required stuff needed so that you UNZIP it somewhere, update your local source code copies and hit the compile.bat file and everything builds as expected, so that you can always test the very latest revision of our work, and when things get updated, you can easily keep your local copy updated too, I’m in the last steps of making this distribution available, I want to make many tests before release to make sure everything works fine in different setups :). I hope that for the coming weekend we have this distribution available for everyone ;).

I’ll post updates on this as I have progressed to the final distribution.