Scattered Evil 2.2 released

Scattered Evil 2.2 is now available on SourceForge and ModDB.

Journal Redesign

The Journal has been rebuilt from the ground up – not just visually, but also in functionality.


The left quarter of the Journal view stays the same on all pages, showing general information.

  • Character Information: the player’s name, class, and alignments
  • Player Assets: a dynamic list of the monetary value of the cash in the player’s bags, items in his inventory, and his bank account
  • Armor: the type of armor worn, current durability as both absolute value and percentage left, any resistance gems embedded
  • Keyring: list of all keys in the player’s possession


All chapters are now single pages with dynamic overlays that change the displayed content when moving the focus to another list items.

  • Main Page: when opening the Journal, the right three-quarters of the Journal view shows a grid of icons that allow access to the different sections (size and number dependent on RPG Complexity)
  • Quests: a dynamic list of active, completed and undiscovered quests; hovering over a quest’s title displays a short description of the current quest stage (where to go, what to do) and a map sketch of the surrounding area to make it easier to find a location
  • Atlas: high resolution maps show the province and some of the regions in great detail; you can now choose to display the hero’s custom notes as usual or the official place names instead
  • Arsenal: a dynamic list of weapons, spells, cantrips, prayers, and martial skills; hovering over an item’s name shows information about the weapon/spell or who to talk to if you haven’t acquired it yet
  • Codex: a compendium of information about the world and its denizens; hovering over a topic will display a detailed entry on the subject
  • Notes: a section appearing only if RPG Complexity is set to Standard or Old School, it displays currently relevant notes for pending tasks and for Mansion collections; notes are removed after the associated task or collection is complete
  • Crafting: see the next bullet point

New feature: Crafting

  • Herbalism: find and harvest different types of herbs all over Charybdea
  • Alchemy: mix the right combination of herbs to brew powerful potions
  • This feature is disabled when RPG Complexity is Off

Treasure improvements

  • Treasure chests can now be found in a larger selection of dungeons
  • In addition to finding them hidden in dark corners, treasure keys now also drop from certain foes
  • The content of treasure chests is randomized for each new game (saving before opening a chest and then reloading won’t change the contents)
  • Treasure chests have received visual updates to make it easier to recognize them and to make it clear when the player is already in the process of unlocking a chest
  • There is now a lot more gold hidden in secret rooms

RPG Complexity differentiation

  • When RPG Complexity is set to Off, dungeons now include a significantly larger number of health and mana pickups, making shopping less mandatory; the number of pickup items also slightly decreases when going from Standard to Old school complexity
  • On Old School complexity, you can now find treasure (mostly gold and herbs) in towns as well

Revamped key management

  • There are now clearly visible standardized locks wherever a key can be used
  • Locks and keys are unique throughout the entire game, so there is no way to use the “wrong” key on a lock or doing it in the “wrong” order
  • Locks and keys now have distinctive animations so it’s always clear whether a lock needs a key, is in the process of being opened, or is already open
  • These changes also fix previous issues with some keys disappearing from the player’s inventory

Miscellanous fixes and improvements

  • Ability score updates have been moved to a dedicated Character Update Screen
  • Greatly reduced the difficulty of Vermin Hovels on Hard and Nightmare skills
  • All monsters that drop a specific quest item or trigger an action upon their death are now protected from being morphed and thus accidentally blocking player progress
  • Fixed the vertical position of many pickup items that were hovering too close to the floor
  • Reorganized some of the Options submenus, including the addition of “Display Settings”; also added a few new settings and removed some old ones