Scattered Evil 1.5 released

Scattered Evil 1.5 is now available on SourceForge and ModDB.


RPG Complexity and D&D Alignments

  • New settings for RPG Complexity, Ethical Alignment and Moral Alignment. Be evil or good, lawful or chaotic, and people will react differently to you.
  • Three different levels of RPG complexity that influence everything from the amount of information in the journal, the available sources of experience, item prices in shops and possible shortcuts in dungeons up to the possibility of being barred from talking to certain NPCs and missing out on some quests

Visual improvements

  • Over a hundred new plant models: trees, bushes, ferns, maize, grapevines etc.
  • All green areas completely revamped with new extra large floor textures and new plant models; starting map rebuilt from scratch
  • Over a hundred new models including everything from beer steins and shiny new gold bars through beds and water wells to wagon wheels and sailboats

Interface improvements

  • Revamped the character creation system, now it’s a lot like rolling a classic D&D character.
  • Battle Rage/Faith/Magic now displayed on the status bar in the same way as mana
  • Status bar cleanup: health and armor counters now always vertically aligned, no matter how large a number
  • There is now no status bar when the automap is displayed
  • New full HD title, credit and help screens; there is now detailed help in-game spawning 5 screens
  • Separate main menu option for credits; the title screen is now static, and the title music only plays once, then waits 30 seconds before playing again

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  1. More details about what RPG Complexity does:

    rgp complexity off:

    – journal:
    – bestiary and codex completely filled out, there are no NPCs to talk to about it
    – weapons, spells and cantrips have extensive hints to guide the player
    – quests have extensive hints to guide the player
    – all maps are in the journal from the beginning; most annotations appear once the player visits the corresponding locations or talks to certain people

    – dungeons:
    – some dungeons offer shortcuts; navigation difficulty extra low

    rgp complexity standard:

    – journal:
    – codex and bestiary have hints on every page where to acquire the information
    – weapons, spells and cantrips have general hints to guide the player
    – quests have general hints to guide the player
    – maps need to be purchased; each page has a hint where to buy the missing map

    – dungeons:
    – some dungeons offer minor shortcuts

    – shops:
    – prices vary depending on difficulty

    rgp complexity old school:

    – journal:
    – codex and bestiary don’t appear at all until at least one page has been acquired; even then, only acquired pages show up on the overview page
    – playing on chaotic evil means some pages cannot be collected
    – weapons, spells and cantrips have no hints on where to find them; the pages don’t show up until at least one item on hit has been found
    – playing on chaotic evil means some weapons or spells cannot be acquired
    – quests have no hints, not even the page for a faction shows up until you pick up at least one quest from them
    – maps need to be purchased; there are no hints where to get them

    – quests:
    – for chaotic evil characters:
    – no quests from the other two orders are available
    – no NPCs from the other two orders offer services or other goodies
    – for lawful good characters:
    – the merchant guild offers either a reduced version of a quest or no quest at all

    – dungeons:
    – navigation in some dungeons might be exceedingly difficult (extra keys, puzzles)

    – prices vary depending on difficulty
    – stocks (and storage space) are limited; the higher the difficulty, the more

    ethics on any complexity:

    – chaotic: you don’t knock on people’s doors, just try the handle right away

    morals on any complexity:

    – evil: people hate you and many have no compunction to voice their displeasure

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