Roll the dice

Below a screenshot of step 6 of 7 from the new character creation process.

The new process asks you first to choose your RPG complexity, then your ethical and then your moral alignment. Each of these steps has three different choices. After that, the player picks a class and a difficulty setting.

A couple of examples how this plays out in-game:

  • A chaotic evil character playing at the highest RPG complexity will be unable to enter any buildings of the other two orders, missing out on a number of quests, including some that would let him acquire a new weapon or spell (basically an ultra-hardcore mode).
  • Unless playing at the simplest RPG complexity setting, prices in shops (both buying and selling) scale with difficulty (as in you pay more for the same item on a harder skill than on an easier one). The higher the complexity setting, the more often a merchant runs out of stock (so you can’t buy more of that item) or storage space (you can’t sell more of that item).