4 thoughts on “High resolution NPC sprites”

  1. I reached the block which I suspect contains the teleport. Obviously I have missed something that opens it.

  2. This is indeed by design ever since the concept phase (see https://www.koraxheritage.com/korax-heritage-scattered-evil/krpg-concept/#The_FPS-RPG_mixture ). The way you described is the RPG way: getting a large number of bonuses right at the beginning, rendering quick reflexes less important in fights.

    If you mean the suspension bridge over The Chasm, on the other side there is a teleport that takes you to the Dark Conclave. Not sure what island you mean, can you link a screenshot maybe?

  3. Lots of good stuff.

    This may be meant as a feature

    Visit every person who gives out quests before killing any monsters. Make sure that the last one is the fortress in Thyses. Every time that you start a new quest your constitution increases. You will be able to reach a value in excess of forty before you kill a monster. Now if you kill the dumpster you will have over 400 health.

    I am having problems getting to the south. I cross the bridge and wind up on an island.

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