Scattered Evil 1.3 released

Scattered Evil 1.3 is now available on SourceForge and ModDB.

New features and bugfixes:

  • The highlight of this release are the 7 all-new dungeon maps plus a greatly extended one, replacing old third party maps. They introduce new 3D features to SE, including levers and wheels, as well as swimmable water and advanced lighting and shadows.
    • Aldir’s Cave
    • Hedyntin Cave
    • Hedyntin Citadel
    • Nisisil Catacombs
    • Nisisil Cloister
    • Nisisil Sanctum
    • Pyramid of Krylu (now with a Sphinx)
    • Ruins of Nisisil
  • Other changes:
    • Ladders are now scaled in a more realistic manner
    • There is no need to hit the use key to open doors, just walk towards them
    • Further new music tracks have been added
    • Fixed a number of reported bugs

2 thoughts on “Scattered Evil 1.3 released”

  1. Eh. Still not playable, because of Vavoom engine.
    Multiple crashes, bugs. Never was able to play longer than 10-15 minutes until crash.
    Vavoom is hopelessly outdated and should not be used anywhere.

    • What Windows version and hardware are you using (I’ve been able to run the game for hours without a crash on 64bit Windows 7 with an nVidia card)?

      Also, submitting a bug with your debug.txt might help us track down the issue.

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