Video: SE 1.3 Preview

This video shows off some of the architecture and technology in all-new or greatly enhanced maps coming in the next release. Manipulate gears to raise a portcullis, smash through weakened metal bars or transparent windows, explore the insides of a gigantic statue and more! Available now on YouTube.

2 thoughts on “Video: SE 1.3 Preview”

  1. At min. 3.11 in the video, the shadows are interesting. I didn’t play Scattered Evil or Korax mod yet. So Korax mod is Hexen modded and Scattered Evil is a new world ?

    • Korax Mod is an RPG mod for the original Hexen and Deathkings (would probably work fairly well with any custom megawad as well that doesn’t introduce certain types of monsters too early).

      Scattered Evil is in theory the same world (Cronos), picking up the story of the original game a few months after Korax’ defeat. Practically though, it’s completely new as the original game didn’t flesh out the world much so we had great freedom in building the environs. Except for a small sidetrip back to the now ruined Heresiarch’s Seminary, Scattered Evil locations are all new versus Hexen/Deathkings.

      p.s. Those are real shadows of the buildings, not sectors or some other visual trick. 🙂

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