SE Progress Update

While Firebrand is looking into the reported bugs, I’ve spent some time on the dungeon maps in the Eastern desert hub. Depending on when 1.3 comes out, it’ll include replacements for some or all of the current maps in that corner of the world. And yes, you can get inside the Sphinx – those eye slits are actually windows.

6 thoughts on “SE Progress Update”

    • Ah ok, that is a known error with the Vavoom OpenGL renderer. Maybe some day Firebrand can fix it.

  1. Since you are working on the maps, can you try to optimize the big cities? they lag A LOT on my pc

    • I know of Ocadia since it has huge open areas (constantly working on optimizing it, if you check it out in SE 1.0 Beta 7 or earlier, you might not even reach 10 fps) and Rophesiscar because its fence consists of hundreds of stakes that are each made from 9 polygon sectors (nothing important in that place). What other town maps are lagging for you?

      • The port and the fountain area of Thystes, Neusus, and the worst of all, Rophesiscar, i also have a weird graphical bug where white dots appear on everything.

        Also, i can improve the audio quality and composition of some of the game music. If you are interested contact me on my gmail :, thanks

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