Scattered Evil 1.1 released

Scattered Evil 1.1 is now available on SourceForge and ModDB.

New features and bugfixes:

  • Engine updates:
    • Major changes to the OpenGL rendering engine. In general, it should improve performance and add new features, but might have introduced new issues. Feel free to submit a report using our Bug Tracker.
    • Scattered Evil now requires Windows 7 or later and a CPU that supports the SSE2 instruction set (32-bit or 64-bit OS both work fine).
  • Bugfixes:
    • Fix for the vast majority of reported crashes in the 1.0 release.
    • The Frozen Court is now bug free. What’s more, all traps are now fully functional.
    • The Chuxen hub is now fully accessible without flying.
    • Corrected the offsets for several weapons (most notably the cleric’s Morning Star).
  • Monster improvements:
    • Significant improvements to Death Wyvern AI.
    • New look for Lava Dwellers.
    • Magma Serpents, Flame Centaurs, Afrit Leaders and Afrit Martyrs are now visibly different from their brethren.
  • Gameplay improvements:
    • New fighter trainer in Thystes Fortress (second floor of the great hall).
    • New quest in Ocadia (upstairs in the newly open mage tower) for obtaining the ultimate offensive spell for cleric and mage in a different location that has no puzzles but a tough fight instead.
    • Mastering all the puzzles of Chuxen now rewards a large number of player levels for all classes.
    • Added further treasure to some of the tougher dungeons to make them more worthwile.
  • Miscellaneous improvements:
    • Menu sounds are back in.
    • Moving between journal pages now always has an accompanying sound.
    • New distinct sound to alert the player to the fact that he just leveled up.
    • Silver and gold bars are now 3D models and can be stacked, so keep an eye out for Jenga-style treasure collections.
    • Several models have been improved and some models newly have animated flames.