Scattered Evil 1.0 Official Release

It’s been many years in the making, but the final 1.0 release of Scattered Evil is now available on SourceForge.

Korax’ Heritage: Scattered Evil is the first game using the KoraxRPG engine based on Vavoom, extending the original Hexen gameplay through a slew of RPG elements:

  • Character advancement through experience and leveling, allowing you to customize your character through the six abilities from classic D&D.
  • A large world to explore, including over 40 dungeon maps and more than 30 towns inhabited by hundreds of unique NPCs. Travel around the world on foot, by boat or by stagecoach and learn about its geography, its history and its inhabitants.
  • A main storyline with a three stage quest that leads you from forest to desert to barrens to the Underworld in an effort to save the world from a new peril. Over a dozen side quests that reward you not just with experience but also with bulging sacks of gold, new weapons and spells. Explore ancient ruins, find legendary artifacts, rescue captives or fight alongside guards – or just go on a treasure hunt to get rich quick. Sometimes you can even take revenge on people who wronged you…
  • A complex conversation engine that can react to the player’s class, what quests you are on or have completed, what happens nearby, whether you are rich or poor. Buying limited availability items from a vendor will result in the items disappearing from the shop’s shelves before your eyes.
  • A journal tracking your progress on quests, annotations on detailed local maps, descriptions on weapons and spells you own and hints how to obtain the ones you haven’t acquired yet, a bestiary and a codex you fill by finding experts around the world who will part with valuable information if you ask them nicely.
  • All the original weapons and spells of Hexen plus 20 new ones, including berserking, shrinking monsters, exorcizing the spirits of the dead, as well as spells that can wipe out whole monster populations in the blink of an eye.
  • Over a dozen new monsters, not just variations of existing ones but also completely new ones, brandishing our custom AI allowing them to launch predictive projectile attacks, leap towards you to stop you from evading, jump up or down significant height differences to close or increase the distance from you, enrage and go berserk when severely wounded, or run away when they feel overwhelmed. Some new foes can even resurrect on death or summon clones of themselves to confuse you.
  • Even the terrain can become threatening as many of the spells/projectiles you or certain monsters cast or hurl have enough force to push someone off a bridge or into a pool of magma.
  • Lots of unique new artwork, not just textures and sprites but highly detailed custom portraits for important NPCs and a full score comprised of hours of music.

To accompany this release, over an hour of uncut playthrough has been recorded and published on YouTube in Full HD: