Scattered Evil Beta 9 released

The latest beta release of Scattered Evil is available here. For more information on how to play, see this page.

The game is now feature complete, but includes several game-crashing bugs. Make sure to save often and please report any bugs you find to our Bug Tracker.

This update includes the following highlights:

  • Weapons, offensive spells and auxiliary spells for all classes: from Inferno Smash through Armageddon to Tears of the Gods, there is something highly destructive available for everyone.
  • Gold currency: now you can collect valuables in dungeons or earn money by completing tasks and thus increase the amount of gold coins you have in your possession. Spend it on a wide variety of items and services.
  • NPC conversations are now class aware: quest rewards may vary depending on the class you play and orders now offer their specific free services (healing, armor repair, mana replenishment) only to fellow order members. Even many ordinary NPCs will react to you differently depending on whether you are a “meathead”, a “prude” or a “pervert”.
  • Custom high-detail portraits for important NPCs: instead of just standing there looking blurry, some of those annoying denizens of Charybdea will now get in your face in glorious detail.
  • Artifact changes: stack sizes for some inventory items now significantly higher or lower than in Hexen. Flechettes now work as grenades for all classes. Torches last for a few seconds only.