Scattered Evil Beta 8 released

The latest beta release of Scattered Evil is available here. For more information on how to play, see this page.

This update includes the following highlights:

  • Improved OpenGL rendering engine:
    • performance in most laggy areas significantly better
    • windows are now see-through
    • lights (including colored lights) now working properly
    • many visual bugs corrected
  • Quest system:
    • talk to NPCs to accept quests, then after you finish the task, return to them for generous rewards
    • quests are automatically tracked in the journal
    • three-stage main quest (the only one you need to do to finish the game)
    • 14 sidequests: explore ancient ruins, investigate corrupt officials, master trials, destroy raiders, fight alongside guards, rescue trapped miners and more
  • Greatly expanded journal:
    • Buy highly detailed maps of subregions and larger cities to help you navigate the world
    • Travel around the world and talk to specialists to learn about a range of topics including architecture, poetry and geography
    • Find experienced veterans and learn from them about the many monsters you will encounter
    • Collecting information not only fills the pages of your journal but also has tangible benefits (improved strength/intelligence/etc.)
    • Configurable options include picking the text color you prefer and turning journal hints on or off
  • Monster/NPC updates:
    • New animations for several existing monsters (ettin commander, ettin warlord, lava dweller)
    • New monsters (stone ettin, exarch)
    • Domesticated animals at farms and villages
    • NPCs are now invulnerable so there is no more danger that your misfire takes out a questgiver
    • Some vendors now have only limited stock of certain items; certain vendors sell unique items
    • Conversations now use different colors for your lines and for the NPC’s lines (you can also enable the option to explicitly state the name of the speaker before each passage)
  • New streamlined character creation process when starting a new game
  • Fast travel: in addition to walking from place to place, now you can hitch a ride on a stagecoach between major cities or book passage on a boat ferrying cargo and passengers between coastal towns. This comes in handy with all the new updates, requiring you to visit at least 24 towns to collect all quests and journal pages.