Scattered Evil Beta 5 released

The latest beta release of Scattered Evil is available here. For more information on how to play, see this page.

The most important highlights:

  • Over a dozen new locations have been added. The download includes a map copy showing the number of dungeons (red) and towns (blue) that can be reached from a travel map node.
  • All order bases throughout the province are now accessible and include NPCs that can heal you (Church), repair your armor (Legion) or charge up your mana stores (Arcanum).
  • The market hall in Thystes is open now so you don’t have to travel half a province any more to do your shopping.
  • The first night club of Chronos is now open in Thystes. Not for minors and not for the faint of heart.


krpgbeta5_shot01 krpgbeta5_shot03 krpgbeta5_shot04 krpgbeta5_shot05 krpgbeta5_shot09 krpgbeta5_shot10 krpgbeta5_shot11 krpgbeta5_shot12 krpgbeta5_shot13 krpgbeta5_shot14 krpgbeta5_shot15 krpgbeta5_shot16 krpgbeta5_shot17

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