Korax’ Heritage: Scattered Evil second beta release

The second beta release of Korax’ Heritage: Scattered Evil (aka KRPG) is now available for download here.

As the rest of the team dropped out of sight around the time the first beta was released, the improvements are primarily mapping additions (mostly to select town locations) and a number of NPCs with new graphics and conversations.

Without at least one programmer, this project is now dead in the water. There is also a lot of design/mapping work to do (creating NPC quests and conversations, building towns, creating and updating dungeon maps), and a 2D artist or several would be of great help as well (primarily NPC sprites and skyboxes).

If you are interested in working on this project (or if you have any kind of feedback), contact me on Twitter.

krpgbeta2_shot01 krpgbeta2_shot03 krpgbeta2_shot04 krpgbeta2_shot05 krpgbeta2_shot07 krpgbeta2_shot09krpgbeta2_shot11 krpgbeta2_shot02 krpgbeta2_shot10 krpgbeta2_shot08