KMOD 4 Focus Testing: Castle of Grief

Designed to run on the currently available KMOD 4.0 Beta 2, this partial rework of the Castle of Grief is now available for public testing and feedback.


Monster changes: a number of monsters have been “upgraded” to tougher versions (3 additional versions of ettins, 1 additional version of centaurs, bishops and afrits each).

Architectural changes: the lift towers at the front and rear gates have been remodeled. Also, the corner tower visible on the right side of the screenshot has been reworked, however I’m somewhat unsure about the look & feel and welcome some feedback on it.

Bug (?): Afrit martyrs don’t seem to show up.

How to play: download the ZIP below, extract it into the main KMOD 4 folder and add “-file tcsmaps.wad” to the startup options (or type “load tcsmaps.wad” in the console once the game is running).

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