KRPG Source code distribution pack released!

Yes, as you read it! You can get the file from here: (

Once you have downloaded the file, you can Unzip inside a folder in your HD. Then follow the instructions here (they will be added to the Wiki during the week).

To be able to efficiently use our source code distribution you will also need to get the latest Vavoom engine SVN revision binaries from DRD Team here: download the LATEST revision from there and unzip it inside the ‘bin’ folder of the source code distribution pack.

Now download and install the TortoiseSVN client from here:

When you finish installing TortoiseSVN, please restart your computer, once you are done, you will need to download mos of the resource files from our SVN repository using TortoiseSVN (so if you didn’t installed it in the past step, do it now, and follow the instructions next time… :P), to do this you will have to left click on the ‘koraxrpg’ folder inside the ‘code’ folder and from the contextual menu choose the “SVN Update” option, this will display a window where you will see all the missing files being downloaded, once that’s finished, go inside the ‘progs’ directory and run the ‘compile.bat’ file, it might take a while to build everything, but once that finishes, you will find everything correctly compiled inside the ‘bin’ folder of the distribution.

I would ask fellow devs and users to test this package on your computers, I made sure that nothing could go wrong, but there’s always a chance :P, if you have any problems with it, please let me know by posting here, I’ll try to help you make your compilations ;), Enjoy! 8)

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