KRPG Source code distribution pack progress update

Hi! As you might know, we are in the process of building a special source distribution so that everyone can build the latest revision of the KRPG project by just clicking on a single batch file, this weekend I made interesting progress on this, I can now build the Vavoom common progs distribution, this gives us progress, because this way everyone can compile the common progs distribution, which is a prerequisite for building our own progs source code, tomorrow I’ll continue my work, by allowing us to build the Hexen progs source distribution automatically, thus completing the second prerequisite for building our own source code, once this is working fine, the last step is to test it with many different directory configurations, if this test works fine, then we will upload this file along with instructions on how to use it to and the wki respectively :).

I hope this doesn’t takes too long to complete, maybe by Wednesday or Thursday I’ll have it complete :).