Changes to compilation process

I’ve finished with the basic steps to allow building of resource files (PK3 files) for KRPG, I’ve created some batch files that automatically explore the current directories and set them on variables, then build the resource files, the next step is to add this final step to the original compiling process and make some tests on it.

After I make a small test on my local computer, I’ll finally commit these changes and post some information on how to build, so that anyone, developers and users alike can build the latest SVN revision for this project, and if enough interest is generated, I’ll extend this functionality to KA too :).

UPDATE 16/11/2010: The new batch files have been committed to our SVN repository, the process now goes smoothly :), I’ll document this ASAP.

I’ve also uploaded a lot of converted spritesheets and the new travel map image so that it can be used in-game, this is really going to speed up the development process IMHO, stay tuned for more nice things coming along! 😀