Korax Arena v1.1 BETA released

It’s finally here, a BETA version of Korax Arena 1.1, this release brings many improvements over the past version, it fixes many bugs and adds great stuff for gameplay, here are the main fixes for this version.


– Many, many fixes to bots AI, bots will now react differently depending certain conditions in battles.
– Fixed many crashes in CTF and KTH gameplay modes.
– Many internal data structures changed to improve speed of the game.
– Rebalanced weapon damage rates, there should not be any “tank” weapons anymore ;).
– Fixed crashes with tracer projectiles in team gameplay modes.
– Fixed some friendly minotaur crashes in team gameplay modes.
– Fixed invulnerability powerups will now appear in-game.
– Fixed heretic actors dropping invisible items.
– Fixed super shotgun so that it changes to another weapon when out of ammo.
– Fixed bots choosing friendly minotaur as target in coop game.
– Fixed experience was given for any destructible object that the player smashes.
– Fixed setting of pitch angles for bots.
– Fixed that under certain circumstances float bobbing items could be spawned inside of 3d floors.
– Fixed armor pickups were gathered by player even if he had max armor value.
– Fixed not all items were properly destroyed on team selection screen.

– Bots won’t use alternate attacks if they don’t have enough ammo for them.
– Bots won’t use repulsion alternate attacks when using melee weapons.
– Made player get less experience on higher levels from killing both players and monsters.
– Some more maps are compatible with domination gameplay mode.

– Added Survival gameplay mode, it consists of players fighting against waves of monsters, each wave becomes more difficult as the game progresses, almost all maps can be used to play this game mode, be ready for some nice surprises! 👿
– Random powerup pickups.
– Random weapon pickups.
– Random fire weapon pickups.
– Spectators and fliying spectators at the beginning of certain game modes.
– Hero class now has more projectile weapons and is more balanced to be equally efficient as the original Hexen classes.

You can download this release here. We are releasing this so that you can help us test the new features and fixes, we are already working on a new map pack and some other nice surprises for a later patch.

The editing package will be updated ASAP, adding support for the latest changes in the game.

If you spot any bugs, please report them on the forums, so that they can be fixed in a later patch, thanks for your support and enjoy the release! 😀

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