Official Korax’ Heritage video channel

We have opened the official Korax’ Heritage video channel on YouTube, thanks to Sahadia, who will be managing it, we’ll be able to post more than screenshots of the new features we implement in our projects.

Sahadia has re-encoded and uploaded the first video to the channel, it’s a gameplay video of Korax Arena v1.0, recently recorded by Ramborc, the background music was written by 4th Class, it’s named ‘Ego’.

We hope to bring you new videos from features of all of our projects in the future, stay tuned to the blog, since it will be here where we’ll post about these videos, in the future, we’ll add links to the video channel on the screenshots sections of our projects too, we hope you like this new way of giving you updates, as always, you can comment about it and new suggestions you have on our forums.


Edit: Korax’ Heritage has a new official channel at