Korax Arena v1.0.2 released

We have a new update patch for Korax Arena v1.0, it fixes most of the serious bugs found in the 1.0 release, this is the second KA patch released (the first one didn’t got a news post), here are the main fixes of both patches:


– Fixed player always joined first available team regardless of user setup if team autoselect option is on.
– Fixed crash in Xmas Havoc, caused by previous patch.
– Minor fixes to Bot AI.
– Fixed Darkness Missiles and Poison Clouds affect invulnerable players.
– Fixed player morphing into Heresiarch fall down during the morphing sequence.
– Fixed setting wrong camera height for player after transforming into Heresiarch.
– Fixed team starts for Ratchet map in CTF.

– Decreased amount of damage flash for Heresiarch player class.
– Improved the way built nodes and GL nodes on all maps, things should load a bit faster.
– Increased armor points amount given by armor pickups.

– Added a new CTF map (Stryker)

– Fixed crashes caused by Marine weapons (Pistol, Shotgun, Chaingun).
– Fixed crashes in CTF matches caused by flag-carrier leaving the game.
– Enhanced bots behavior on slopes.
– Fixed wrong menu options position on Team Selection window.

– Teams always set up before the match; creating and removing teams in gameplay is forbidden.
– Coloured decorations, such as torches, now have static light of their Team colour.

If this is the first time you get Korax Arena, please download version 1.0 from here. and install it, then download the patch file below.

If you have already downloaded and installed Korax Arena v1.0, you can download the v1.0.2 patch from here.

You can also download the editing packages to make your own maps for Korax Arena from here.

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