Korax Arena 1.0 Final Release

We are proudly announcing it, Korax Arena: Tournament of the Serpent Riders has arrived! \:D/

With this final release, we are also releasing the editing package for all you mapping enthusiasts, so you can create new maps for ANY gameplay mode, as you might know, we have also created a Wiki with information about our projects. It contains documentation on how to make maps for every gameplay mode in Korax Arena.

There’s also a model pack, which adds models for decorations of Korax Arena.

Finally, you can download Korax Arena 1.0 from our SF.net account, you can also find a copy of the User’s Manual in our Wiki. We hope you enjoy this release as we did when creating it, it was the work of a whole year of development. If you find any bugs, or would like to suggest anything, feel free to post in the official Korax Arena forums, we’ll surely spot it and fix it, or comment on any feature suggestions.

We wish you all a Merry XMAS… Havoc!!

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