A (perhaps not so) Silent Hill :)

Although I do not position myself as an usual mapper inside Korax Team, sometimes I become inspired to design a piece or two (an inspiration should be strong enouph for me to overcome my eternal lazyness, hehe). This time I was impressed by latest RambOrc’s Big City version and decided to make something so nice and pretty-looking. Thus came the idea of a town-on-the-hill.

Right now I do not have the idea of how it could be connected to the world of Scattered Evil, this may be just another one peaceful hamlet, or fortified town of mountain people (dwarves?), or an abandoned village full of ominous beasts, whatever; I am still working on it.
Here are some shots which show the progress of “cutting” this settlement from the solid rock (click to see in maximum size):

spiral_shot0011 spiral_shot0022 spiral_shot0032 spiral_shot0042