Korax RPG: Advanced Spell / Spell Casting System

I’ve been working during my vacations on KRPG experience system, the basic system is now done, when you kill monsters you now get experience, you can upgrade your character via de upgrading screen, you also receive spells as you level up being a cleric or mage, the remaining part is to make an actual spell casting system, Crimson Wizard started by creating spell instances, so the map can be told when spells are casted and updates itself if necessary, he also created actor conditions, so we can now affect actors when they are poisoned, confused, etc. by spells, the next step is to create items that are spells to the game, this way, it’ll be easier to make them be recognized as spells by the status bar and the spell book, which will be started once I finish with the spell system, hopefully it won’t be THAT complicated, I already have some ideas regarding this 🙂 , so I’m preparing the way for all of it.

Stay tuned, I might post some actual screens of spells once I get everything working as expected, it should take a couple of weeks for me to test it all properly. If you are more interested in how something might work, I would suggest you to post on the forums, since it’s the best place we might take some attention, heh! 😉


dennis Says:
January 21st, 2009 at 7:44 pm

where and how excatly do i get the vavoom doom compilation to work ?