(UPDATED) Korax Arena BETA Released!

We are proud to announce the release of Korax Arena BETA, this new version has improved stability and gameplay a lot, we have added new gameplay modes, improved maps, fixed many bugs and made lots of improvements.

LAN games improved thanks to the new network code on the Vavoom engine, here are some other changes made to this release:

– Added CTF and Domination gameplay modes
– Added XMas Havoc gameplay mode
– Added server options for games
– Korax Arena can now be played with original hexen maps
– Balanced weapon damage rates
– Improved bot AI routines
– Added new powerups
– Bug fixes and improvements of the latest Vavoom SVN revision
– Bug fixes and improvements for Korax Arena progs

You can download the new release from our SF.net account or from here.

Feel free to comment, report bugs, or make suggestions on the Korax’ Heritage forums and most of all, Have Fun!! 8)

UPDATE: The old version was updated to a new build of Vavoom, that seems to work, please report back to see if it actually works :), thanks!

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