Korax Arena trailers now viewable on YouTube!

As part of a new vigourous and aggressive marketing campaign, Korax Heritage is now looking to expand its wings beyond the Hexen community in order to promote its projects and and grasp newcoming Hexen fans from around the world. In phase 2 of this campaign, we are now posting the original 2005 KA trailers on YouTube – a free video sharing website.

As of the second this message is posted, the uploaded videos are still very new and thus may not yet be searchable on the database. In that event, here are the URLs that will take you directly to the videos.

Short trailer (1:20): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8FCqF_iIXTU *

Long trailer (3:51): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q3dRfU0eZrg *

Note that these YouTube uploads are the low-quality (320×230) versions: RambOrc has recorded a higher-quality ones (720×480), but it came to 93 MB over the maximum storage YouTube permits. But nonetheless, the higher-quality trailers are still available for download in *.mov format on this website.

*Edit: the URLs have been replaced with links to the high quality originals that are now on YouTube as well.