KA 0.9.1 Beta Released

I just want to announce that we have released Korax Arena Beta 0.9.1, which fixes some problems that were present on the last beta release, you can get it from here.

Here’s a small changelog of it:

  • Fixed crash when killing monsters in Castle Sweep
  • Fixed hero’s long bow snipper feature
  • Added sprites for Heresiarch’s purple ray and claws
  • Fixed problems with scoreboard drawing in team gameplay modes
  • Fixed problems in bots AI while tracking allies changing maps
  • Modified certain weapon’s attacks
  • Added new weapons for Heresiarch player
  • Modified full-screen HUD’s experience display
  • Added CVar for number of death player and monster corpses, this should fix flickering sprites in most situations
  • General bug fixes here and there

Be sure to post your bug findings and comments in the Korax Arena forums, enjoy!

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