Korax Arena official announcement and beta release!

We are happy to officially announce Korax Arena, our multiplayer project, also, to celebrate this great moment, we are releasing a new beta version for all of you, it’s version 0.9, we are so excited of what we’ve made here that we want to share it as it is now with you, some things aren’t complete yet, but the result is very interesting, but enough small talk, you might be asking: what’s new on this version? and we’ve got a simple answer for that, EVERYTHING :).

Here’s the main changes to it:

  • Greatly fixed the bots AI
  • Bots are spawned automatically now
  • Added new weapons and fixed behaviors for existing ones
  • Greatly balanced damage values and attacks for every class
  • When starting a new game, the menu should update options according to game mode and available maps for it
  • Added team castle sweep game play mode (total massacre)
  • Added Kill the Heresiarch game play mode (but it’s unfinished)
  • Football game play mode is still unfinished
  • Deathmatch, team DM and castle sweep are complete
  • Added scoreboards for every game play mode
  • Added secondary fire modes for flechette and discs of repulsion
  • Lots of improvements and bug fixes

There’s a bunch of new maps, artwork, music, etc. for you to enjoy, we hope to make this the best KA release ever. Since it’s a beta, it’ll be linked on our SourceForge.net project page, you can get it from here.

Post all your comments, suggestions and bug reports on our KA forums, the KA section on the site will be updated shortly with information on the gameplay modes and features behind it, so stay tuned for our next updates :).

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