Korax Arena Updates

I have been working a lot on adding more stuff for the Korax Arena code, I have managed to make scores for Team DM and Castle Sweep modes, which work just fine, also, I added invulnerability when respawning in DM modes, the bots have a really fair behaviour against monsters and players now too, there are some other things I would like to add before releasing the next internal beta test, like a score board for every gameplay mode, that’s all for now.


Austin Bender Says:
November 8th, 2005 at 10:17 pm

Keep up the good work, Korax mod is awesome, especially to those few people who still remember exactly how enjoyable Hexen was ‘back in the day’
I don’t know how many people thank you, but I’d like to, thanks to everyone who has had any part in this. I remember when after being an avid doom player and editor, I was amazed at the ways the sectors in hexen could move. It was pretty damn sweet then, and what you are doing for yourselves, and everyone in regards to all the projects on korax-heritage.com is admirable. I know you guys have lives (to some degree more or less) and that can make these things difficult, especially when each project is more or less worked on by one person, or a skeleton crew. Try not to get burned out and add a donation banner on your site. I’m not saying everyone and their grandmother is going to click that link, but on the off chance that traffic gets flowing after one of your releases, and perhaps some small appeal for such, I’m sure the occasional gamer will pitch in. It isn’t a thankless job, but it is pretty close. Good luck and don’t get burned out!! 🙂
(Sorry if that was a little verbose, I’ve been watching this project for a number of years…)