Korax RPG: The New Beginning

The 14 august 2007 was the historical day for Korax Heritage project. 🙂 Latest Vavoom progs were uploaded to our SVN repository on sourceforge.net, thus updating long-time-ago created KoraxRPG project. From now on KoraxRPG (Vavoom powered) will be coded and designed until final 1.0 release, and, hopefully, further.

Primary task stated for coders is copying RPG system, featured in last KMod3 version, to Vavoom platform, alterating and enhancing if needed; plus all the extra stuff like damage skins.
Afterwards, as planned, a lot of new ideas and concepts should be implemented.

High on the list stands creature AI. Basically, it should be divided into 3 “levels”; first “level” is pathfinding. I have already created an experimental algorythm which made monsters use node graph (built with common mapspot objects placed on map) to determine most effective way of moving to player. Compared to original Doom engine “pathfinding”, results were fantastic! However, whole thing worked very slow and caused game to freeze periodically. I had a guess then, that main reason is general slowness of Vavoom progs execution; now, when Vavoom seem do it faster I may try this again; and still there’s last option – to put pathfinding procedures into engine itself. Last variant will make it much faster, however there will be an obvious disadvantage: if Janis Legzdinsh won’t allow to put such a thing into main Vavoom engine, we’ll have to create separate executable for KoraxRPG.
Second AI “level” should allow to give tasks to creatures using map scripts (ACS); this should include all the possible basic orders like “wander around” “defend the area”, “goto”, “attack creature/player” etc.
Finally, third “level” is personal Behavior. Primarily configured in code and customizable by map script this should make creatures and NPCs more alive. It will be more complicated, but I belive we can do them have scheduled tasks and predefined reactions on game events.

After all, I am expecting creation of a good amount of new monsters, weapons and spells.

As for extra stuff, me, personally, would like to have some fun and implement new theatrical effects like player view shaking and swaying when player is wounded, toxication simulation and so on.

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New site content

Well, right now the team is discussing what to do with the site, since it’s a bit old and outdated with certain things, we would like to know what you, the fans, would like to see in a new version of our website.

What do you think we could add? we would like to hear your voice, since the site is oriented on giving you information about our projects, we know what information we want to give about them, but we need to ask you how you would like to receive it? do you think these dev blogs are good? you think we should remove something you don’t like? or just revamp the site’s design, keeping the amount of information like it is now?

We are giving you the chance to voice your opinions on this, so it’s your chance to adapt the site to what you would like seeing, that’s it for now, take care everyone!

Korax Arena now at MODDB!

We have just created a new profile for Korax Arena at MODDB, continuing with our marketing campaign, we want to advertise our projects in different places, check out the profile while you wait for the next public beta, which shouldn’t take much more time.

To visit the Korax Arena profile at MODDB, click on the red MODDB button on the navigation menu in the Korax Arena section.

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Korax Arena trailers now viewable on YouTube!

As part of a new vigourous and aggressive marketing campaign, Korax Heritage is now looking to expand its wings beyond the Hexen community in order to promote its projects and and grasp newcoming Hexen fans from around the world. In phase 2 of this campaign, we are now posting the original 2005 KA trailers on YouTube – a free video sharing website.

As of the second this message is posted, the uploaded videos are still very new and thus may not yet be searchable on the database. In that event, here are the URLs that will take you directly to the videos.

Short trailer (1:20): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8FCqF_iIXTU *

Long trailer (3:51): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q3dRfU0eZrg *

Note that these YouTube uploads are the low-quality (320×230) versions: RambOrc has recorded a higher-quality ones (720×480), but it came to 93 MB over the maximum storage YouTube permits. But nonetheless, the higher-quality trailers are still available for download in *.mov format on this website.

*Edit: the URLs have been replaced with links to the high quality originals that are now on YouTube as well.

KH joins MySpace

Several of our team members have independently designed their own pages on MySpace, a social networking service that has gained massive momentum since the 2005. Eventually they came across each others profiles, and have thus joined forces to start a MySpace group dedicated to Korax’ Heritage. So far there is only a group page (members of the team only!), but in the near future we hope to provide a full-fledged page that accounts for all the projects.

To view the group page thus far, click here.