Introducing the Korax’ Heritage trilogy

The Korax’ Heritage team is officially introducing the Korax’ Heritage trilogy. This trilogy builds on the world and lore of the original Hexen. The story spans several decades, each part introducing new characters to play.

The Chaos Sphere
The first part of the trilogy, it portrays the havoc wreaked on Korax’ armies, his destruction and the dimension travels with the Chaos Sphere. This story was told in the original Hexen (including the Deathkings of the Dark Citadel expansion pack), and can be replayed with enhanced graphics and a wide range of RPG elements as Korax Mod. This first part has already been finished and can be downloaded and played.

Scattered Evil
This sequel takes place a few months after the events of the first part. This time, you explore a large part of a country, visiting dozens of locations consisting of all-new 3D maps. All fights are pure-bred 3D FPS fights, traveling and interaction with NPCs is classic RPG-like. This part of the trilogy is currently in development and has been recently greatly overhauled for more immersive and enhanced 3D environments and more engaging AI.

The Serpent Power
A pure role playing game with a seamlessly connected enormous 3D world, you lead a team of young adventurers of the three orders of Chronos on their journey across a whole continent, decades after the death of Korax. You search after the mystical “Serpent Power”, which you don’t even know what form it takes. Is it physical? Is it spiritual? Is it magic? Nobody seems to know. This game brings back epic storytelling and immersion in the style of the classic 1990s RPG series and is currently in the design phase.

For more information, visit the Korax’ Heritage website and forums regularly.

(UPDATED) Korax Arena BETA Released!

We are proud to announce the release of Korax Arena BETA, this new version has improved stability and gameplay a lot, we have added new gameplay modes, improved maps, fixed many bugs and made lots of improvements.

LAN games improved thanks to the new network code on the Vavoom engine, here are some other changes made to this release:

– Added CTF and Domination gameplay modes
– Added XMas Havoc gameplay mode
– Added server options for games
– Korax Arena can now be played with original hexen maps
– Balanced weapon damage rates
– Improved bot AI routines
– Added new powerups
– Bug fixes and improvements of the latest Vavoom SVN revision
– Bug fixes and improvements for Korax Arena progs

You can download the new release from our account or from here.

Feel free to comment, report bugs, or make suggestions on the Korax’ Heritage forums and most of all, Have Fun!! 8)

UPDATE: The old version was updated to a new build of Vavoom, that seems to work, please report back to see if it actually works :), thanks!

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New Team Member

Our team has a new member, a 2d artist called NeoWorm, he’s already working on some new sprites for Heresiarch’s weapons for Korax Arena.

I’ve finally set an improved news system which will totally substitute coranto, which was becoming a pain in the back to manage :-& , it has the advantage that it’s plain simple to post news with the forum (only for team members), and that it’ll update automatically the comments on each news item, it’ll hopefully make things easier for everyone in the team to post news without the need of anymore mess :).

This weekend I’ll be posting some new screens of Korax Arena and talking about some of the new features the next version will have, so stay tuned for more updates! :mrgreen:

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Korax RPG: Step by step

The first internal build is nearly done; too pity I cannot show it to common users (a developers’ secret, heh), but at least I am not prohibited to speak a little about what I have already achieved.
As I already mentioned earlier , monster AI is of high importance for our new game. At current point I will state following:

  • Pathfinding works almost perfect; yet it has limitations, but they could be changed in future. If nodes are placed wisely on map, monster may find its target most of the times (if there IS a possible way). As for game speed, it does not seem to become noticably lower because of path calculations.
  • Monsters now have Team attribute. Those of same team treat themseves as allies, those who are from different teams think they are enemies and act correspondingly. Teams could be changed.
  • Monsters now have ‘threat reaction’ parameter, that determines their eagerness to notice and attack enemies. It varies from complete abstraction to high-alertness (this is needed primarily for scripting tasks, so that – for example – a soldier, ordered to patrol and defend some area, would not run for anyone in sight, unless enemy is too close).
  • Monsters now can perform simple tasks; here’s full list:
    • cancel all orders
    • cancel current order
    • stand still
    • walk to (a point on map)
    • walk along a path (a sequence of nodes)
    • patrol between 2 points
    • patrol along a path (either looped or bi-directed)
    • evade a point (run from it)
    • evade a thing
    • follow a thing
    • attack a thing
    • attack everyone endlessly (berserc mode 😉 ) – this one was added just for fun.
  • All of those orders could be issued using common Hexen map script, as well as Team and Threat Reaction could be changed.

Read moreKorax RPG: Step by step

Korax Arena Screenshots!

After some time in the development stage, we finally are able to show you some screenshots of Korax Arena latest internal build, and what would be better than posting screenshots of some of the new things you’ll be able to see?

Now, without any further things, I present you the “House of Asp”, one of the new DM maps made by Crimson Wizard, I really like how the shots are presented.


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