KRPG Items

Inventory Items

Description of columns

  • Name: what the item is called in the game
  • Thing ID: used by map editors to place the item
  • Type: item category
    • artifacts can be activated manually by the player
    • powerups activate their effect at pickup time
    • treasure is converted to money at pickup time
  • List price: the base price an item is sold for by merchants
    • merchants selling items by the dozen charge half this price
    • merchants selling items by the crate (25 pieces) charge a quarter of this price
    • merchants who buy excess player inventory offer a quarter of this price
    • a few individual merchants might offer special deals for lower prices or might try to gouge you for a higher price
  • Inventory Limit: the maximum number of items you can carry at one time
  • Merchants: whether the item is sold by merchants
  • World: whether the item can be found lying around out in the world
  • Monsters: whether the item can drop from monsters you kill
  • Pecularities: differences vs original Hexen items
NameThing IDTypeList priceInventory LimitMerchantsWorldMonstersPecularities
Quartz Flask82artifact4200yyn
Mystic Urn32artifact1550yyn
Flechetteartifact3200yyyworks for all classes as a grenade
Disc of Repulsionartifact225yyn
Krater of Mightartifact2525yyn
Icon of the Defender84artifact10012yyn
Dark Servantartifact4025yyn
Chaos Deviceartifact3025yyn
Banishment Deviceartifact3525yyn
Mystic Ambit Incantartifact625yyn
Torch33artifact55yynvery short duration
Dragonskin Bracersartifact1225yyn
Boots of Speedartifact2525yyn
Silver Bar15301treasure--nyyconverts to 1 gold coin on pickup
Gold Bar15302treasure--nyyconverts to 5 gold coins on pickup