Crash in Darkbough

In map02 (Darkbough) after collecting all the planets in the east wing and coming back to the starting room with the pool, the game crashed with a segmentation violation error, see relevant part of the debug file below.

Note 1: during the playthrough when this occured, I was already upstairs at the planet room and opened the doors to the planet panel. Not sure if this is related.

Note 2: upon reloading a savegame that was made shortly before the crash, the map could be completed without further crashes.

Log: – VEntity::CheckRelPosition
Log: – VEntity::TryMove
Log: – RunFunction
Log: – (engine.Entity.TryMoveEx 0)
Log: – RunFunction
Log: – (linespec.EntityEx.XYMovement 713)
Log: – RunFunction
Log: – (linespec.EntityEx.Physics 319)
Log: – RunFunction
Log: – (linespec.Actor.Physics 58)
Log: – RunFunction
Log: – (linespec.EntityEx.Tick 266)
Log: – RunFunction
Log: – (linespec.Actor.Tick 82)
Log: – RunFunction
Log: – (linespec.KRPGPawn.Tick 58)
Log: – VObject::ExecuteFunction
Log: – (linespec.KRPGPawn.Tick)
Log: – VThinker::Tick
Log: – VLevel::TickWorld
Log: – SV_Ticker
Log: – ServerFrame
Log: – Host_Frame
Log: Doing C_Shutdown
Log: Doing CL_Shutdown

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